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Answering Machine for Your PC

Turn your modem enabled PC into an advanced, Caller ID compatible answering machine with Advanced Call Center software

Advanced Call Center Screenshot

Your modem is better than an answering machine!

Does your home phone have:

  • Answering machine with personal greetings;
  • Caller ID alert and voice announce;
  • Ability to block telemarketers calls based on Caller ID information;
  • Ability to record calls to WAV files;
  • Custom ring sounds and music on-hold;
  • Call forwarding, e-mail call alert, and pager notifications;
  • Address book and phone dialer.
  • More answering machines that run on your PC

Requires voice modem

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Most probably, your PC comes with a modem inside. And most probably, it is a voice modem. Advanced Call Center will use your modem's "voice" features to convert your PC into a powerful, feature-rich call attendant.

The software is a full-featured yet easy-to-use PC answering machine that makes use of your voice modem's extended features. All necessary functions are supported: Caller ID alert lets you see and hear who's calling via screen pop-ups, distinctive rings, call recording, and caller's name announcement with speech synthesis. "Black" and "white" list functions screen calls based on caller ID database, origin of the call, and other parameters.

This software allows you to personalize greetings to the callers, organize information in phone books and record conversations.

Advanced features include pager notification, sending call details and voice messages by e-mail, also starting an external fax program when an incoming fax call is recognized.

Tightly integrating voice modem with the sound card, Advanced Call Center offers a feature that leading competitors do not - real time voice transfer from telephone line to PC sound system, so you don't need an extra speaker attached to the modem! Runs as a tray application when idle, uses minimum system resources, and automatically frees the modem for an Internet connection. Lastly, Advanced Call Center looks just as great as it works!

More Information

Caller ID Incoming Call Alert

Advanced Call Center utilizes your modem and Caller ID detection (also known as Calling Number Delivery) to identify incoming telephone callers and alert you on incoming calls. Caller ID is a service that lets you screen your calls, so you only answer the call when you want to. Advanced Call Center supports voice modem Caller ID systems used in the US and Canada, the United Kingdom (British Telecom), Australia and New Zealand. Click here for a list of supported voice modems.

Computer Answering Machine Software: Big Screenshot

Computer answering machine is recording the conversation.

The program maintains a telephone Caller ID database including custom sound alerts for a caller, as well as other caller's details. It provides a per-caller customizable ring alert sound and a pop-up window to notify you about an incoming call.

Call can be accepted or rejected by you or by the program itself. You won't even hear rings from blacklisted callers, once they are identified. The program is able to block unwanted calls, including blocked (private) numbers, out of area calls and those calls that were not identified.

Advanced Call Center works with Number Only Caller ID service as well as with Name and Number service. It is able to match the phone number against names that you store in a phone book. This allows users with Number Only Caller ID to see the name of the caller or substitute Caller ID name with more readable one.

Address Book

Once you have entered the details in the Advanced Call Center Address Book, every time you receive a call, their name and telephone number will appear. You will hear a distinctive ring pattern once you assign that caller a unique ring sound or melody. You can even block an unwanted caller by automatically redirecting calls from that telephone number to the answering machine.

Smart Computer Answering Machine Software

Incoming calls may be recorded and saved to a WAV file, which can be played back by the program or the standard Windows Media Player / Sound Recorder. You can monitor the current conversation through the sound card.

When the telephone rings, Caller ID information is received as a series of special codes after the first or second ring. The program attempts to match the caller's identity with it's internal database. Depending on the caller's status (White listed, Normal or Black listed), and group options set, the call can be routed to the answering machine, answered normally with the handset, or even dropped immediately. Individual entries in the database can be assigned personalized greetings.

In telephone answering machine software mode, callers hear a greeting message and a beep after which they may record a voice message. The allowable recording time can be adjusted from a few seconds to several hours. When a caller disconnects, the program stops recording and hangs up. Greeting messages can be customized depending on per-caller basis.

The program can record all or part of the conversation to a sound file, and play it back to the recipient or through the local sound card at any time.

There are several actions that can be assigned for every type of calls: hang up/do not answer, block the call (your telephone stops ringing), answer immediately or after specified number of rings, record message or start answering machine sequence; set caller on hold and play music. It is possible to set up the program to record all incoming calls and every call originated from within ACC.

Remote Access to Messages

It is possible to control the software remotely, as with a real answering machine. Remotely available actions include message retrieval, leaving a message, changing the default greeting, and more.

Recorded answering machine messages can be heard remotely from any touch-tone telephone via Remote Retrieval function

Call Forwarding software features

Advanced Call Center is able to notify the user about an incoming call via numeric or alpha-numeric pager and/or via e-mail. E-mail announce can include full voice message left by remote party to the answering machine as a wave file. It is possible to forward different callers to different e-mail addresses, or selectively block paging or mailing of a caller.

Talking Voice Alert

The program can announce call details in voice. When someone calls in, their name and/or telephone number will be announced by computer's voice. This is useful if you are in another room and wish to know who is calling. You can then choose to answer or not.

Features List

  • Caller ID, answering machine, phone dialer and phone book
  • Background operation in system tray

Identifying who's calling

  • Caller ID informs you of who's calling before you answer
  • Three types of incoming calls: white listed, normal and blacklisted
  • International phone numbers and dates supported
  • Custom formatting of telephone numbers and Caller ID names capitalization
  • Audible warning when incoming call is detected
  • Custom individual Greetings and Incoming Ring sounds for each caller
  • Complete history of all calls received or made
  • American, British Telecom, DTMF Caller ID and Russian ANI support

Message Notification

  • Text to Speech voice announcements let you know who's calling when you're away from the computer
  • Notification of a new call via e-mail or pager
  • Numeric and alphanumeric pager support
  • E-mail call forwarding, including the voice message forwarding
  • Multiple variants of visual notification, including two types of pop-up dialogs, a tool tip window, and mail window activation

Answering Machine and Telephony

  • Full-featured computer answering machine for your PC
  • Standard wave files input/output
  • Custom answering machine greeting messages for each specific caller
  • Call screening capability: the program can use a sound card to allow you screening incoming calls as they occur
  • Playing back modem-recorded messages through your modem or sound card
  • Programmable answering machine functions
  • 'Hold line' feature with custom message or music played to the remote caller
  • Optional full automatic recording of each phone call (incoming or outgoing)
  • Full remote access to recorded messages from any touch-tone phone

Managing Your Contacts

  • A powerful built-in Phone Book including telephone number database
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Database Import/Export capability
  • Three types of incoming calls: white listed, normal and blacklisted

Dial-out Capabilities

  • Ability to place calls using the modem dial-out features
  • Tone and pulse dialing
  • Auditioning the outgoing calls made using the program

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