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Caller ID, Voice Mail and Call Recording for Macintosh

PhoneValet Message Center - a personal telephone assistant for Mac OS X

PhoneValet Message Center: Mac Caller ID Software

  • Multi-line multi-mailbox voicemail for up to 11 people
  • Searchable call history reports for easy billing of your phone time
  • Call recording with voice enhancement captures important conversations for later replay
  • Talking caller ID from your Mac announces who is phoning you
  • Custom ring-tones, call blocking, individualized voice mail greetings and enhanced Spotlight search
  • Need Caller ID software for Windows? Look here

No modem required - comes with all necessary hardware (USB Caller ID Telephone Adapter)

More Information | Try It | Purchase from $199.95 - 30-day Money Back Guarantee (full detail)


Your telephone can be a powerful tool, but it takes time to use it effectively. Instead of hiring a personal assistant, let PhoneValet answer and place calls, look up phone numbers, make recordings of calls and keep a call history. With PhoneValet you can focus on the important tasks in life and work.

Winner of multiple awards, including a MacWorld Magazine Best Product award, PhoneValet includes the hardware you'll need to monitor your first line. But PhoneValet isn't a single-line system... Purchase a PhoneValet package for each line and they'll all work together, keeping track of what happened on which line so you can keep track of calls and expenses!

Read on to find out how PhoneValet can revolutionize the way you use the phone. Click the magnifying glass icons, or the more links to see screenshots and a complete description of each benefit.


  • Voice Mail: A professional image... 24x7
    PhoneValet helps you to look your best even when you can't make it to the phone. PhoneValet can handle all your lines at the same time, has multiple mailboxes, and listening to messages couldn't be easier. Plus, our information center feature lets your callers hear answers to common questions, and still leave a message!
  • Call Recordings: Know what you said, and when!
    Do you prefer to focus on conversation rather than note-taking? Do you ever need an exact record of what you said on the phone? PhoneValet to the rescue! Now you can record both sides of a conversation to an audio file on your hard disk for later reference.
  • Call Log: Track your calls Billings made easy!
    PhoneValet's call log is a permanent, multi-line call history. It's a searchable list of your inbound and outbound calls along with accurate timing and the recordings and messages attached to those calls. PhoneValet even logs hand-dialed calls on extension phones! Records can be exported for easy billings. Fully spotlight aware.
  • Call Announcement: Greet callers appropriately
    With PhoneValet, you'll know who's calling before you answer the phone with no more running for the Caller ID box! Caller ID information is clearly displayed in large type on the screen, as the caller's name is announced using Apple's natural-sounding speech synthesis!
  • Remote Control: Dial in to task your Mac
    Call in and control your Mac from away. You can cause it to perform an action, play you an audio file over the telephone, or speak text to you as it carries out your request. Use it to interface with your Mac-based X-10 home controller, launch administrative tasks... the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
  • Dialing: Accurate, powerful & system-wide
    Smart dialing from any application... PhoneValet provides it! Select virtually any number onscreen and when you're ready to place the call just pick up the phone and PhoneValet dials for you. Powerful dialing rules let you automate the use of calling cards and long-distance access numbers, as well as 10- and 11-digit dialing.
  • AppleScripts: Now Phone Powered!
    We provide AppleScripts that you can use in popular applications like FileMaker and Entourage to interact with PhoneValet. Also, for those users who wish to go beyond PhoneValet's powerful built-in features, AppleScripts can be run at key times, like when a telephone is picked up, or when a voice mail message has been received. Plus, PhoneValet's Remote Control feature lets you call in to start AppleScripts when you're away from your Mac!
  • Fax Friendly: True office integration
    PhoneValet is fax friendly. When an incoming fax call is detected PhoneValet's advanced voice mail system can direct Apple's built-in fax software or the more powerful pagesender fax solution to answer the call. Alternately, PhoneValet can monitor the call until it is answered by a fax machine which supports incoming fax detection. With PhoneValet, you may be able to do away with your dedicated fax line!
  • Intuitive Mac OS X Interface
    PhoneValet is a stable and friendly software package that does not require you to be a Mac OS X wizard. Like Mac OS X itself, PhoneValet just works "right out of the box" without extensive preferences or customizations. Mailbox setup is easily performed using our intuitive program. There are no complex folder hierarchies to create or maintain. PhoneValet is friendly to fast-user switching, and core features continue to work even when no users are logged in and the PhoneValet application is not running. With years of experience in Mac OS X and precursor technologies we know how to produce software that works the way you do.

Try It

PhoneValet Mac Caller ID is a combination of software and hardware. When you purchase PhoneValet Mac Caller ID all required hardware and cables are included. Since this hardware is required for the PhoneValet Mac Caller ID software to operate we do not offer a demo software download.

Instead of offering a software download, we are pleased to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, which will allow you a full month to try our software in your particular situation. If PhoneValet Mac Caller ID doesn't meet your needs you can return it no questions asked for a full refund within thirty days.

You don't need to do anything special to benefit from this offer, just order from this website. You'll get to try out the full PhoneValet Mac Caller ID system (all software and hardware included) on your phone lines in the way you want to use it. If it doesn't work to your satisfaction we'll take it back.

Specifications and System Requirements

Summary of PhoneValet features

Hardware Included
  Each PhoneValet package includes Parliant's USB Telephone Adapter

Voice Mail
11 voice mailboxes accessed with touch-tones 0-9 and #. Mailboxes can be individually enabled and disabled.
Multiple lines supported with simultaneous answering and recording
Main greeting, and greetings for each mailbox importable from audio files, recordable from system microphone (if present) or generated using Apple speech synthesis.
Audio playback controls integrated with call logging feature, audio files available in filesystem for advanced users.
Functions no matter what user is logged in, and even works when no users are logged in
Recent calls interface allows easy access to unheard messages
Check messages by calling in (protected by a secret code). Listen to unheard, recent or all messages. Replay, save, and erase messages quickly.
Messages can be emailed to others using standard MIME mail. PhoneValet not required by email recipients to listen to messages.

Call Recording
Records both sides of conversation to compressed audio file on hard disk
Plays audio notices to parties before recording begins and after recording ends
Audio playback controls integrated with call logging feature, audio files available in filesystem for advanced users
Recording can be paused and resumed.
Call recordings possible on more than one line simultaneously

Remote Control
Call in to your Mac and run AppleScripts, by dialing secret codes that you assign to each script
Scripts can provide a sound file or text to be spoken (using Apple's text-to-speech) back to the user after they are run.

Call Actions
Run AppleScripts for each incoming call with Caller ID info (examples)
Run AppleScripts when phones are picked up/hung up (for instance, to pause iTunes or to set your iChat status to "on the phone")
Send email (even to most cell phones by SMS) on incoming calls
Run AppleScripts after voice mails are left and calls are recorded (for instance, to add audio to iTunes/iPod playlists)

Talking Caller ID
Announces incoming callers on-screen and using Apple's speech system
Customize screen sizes, and time-of-day for speech

Order Now!

Minimum System Requirements
  Macintosh computer supported by Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.2 or higher
Available USB port
Standard (analog) phone line, with touch-tone service, near your computer
Monitor or display supporting 800x600 or higher resolution (1024x768 recommended)
Modem not required!

Some inbound features require Caller ID service.

What's in the box?
  Parliant USB Telephone Adapter
USB and telephone cables
PhoneValet Message Center software CD
PhoneValet User Guide
Dual Telephone Jack (splitter)

Detailed Call Log
Stores date/time, number, name and duration of all calls
Even logs all calls dialed from any telephone
Easy export to comma- or tab-delimited files
Make text notes on any call in the log
Call a number back by simple double-click
Easy searching and sorting to quickly find calls of interest
Call log data is captured no matter what user is logged in, or at the login panel

Simple Phonebook
Virtually unlimited list of names and numbers
Can attach notes to any number
Dial a number by simple double-click
Easy import from Address Book or files
Complements PhoneValet call log, but not required for dialing services
Allows access to contact data no matter what user is logged in, if any

Flexible Dialing
Dial by voice using a microphone
Dial from almost any application using the Apple Services menu
Specify rules for dialing long-distance and calling-card calls
Dial via AppleScript/Apple Events (examples)
Dial directly from Apple's Address Book (Mac OS X 10.3 or higher required)
Dial from the pasteboard using simple copy-and-paste

Fax Support
Faxes can be detected by PhoneValet's voice mail feature and directed to Apple's built-in fax system in Mac OS 10.3+ or the superior pagesender fax software from SmileOnMyMac.
If you have a fax machine that can share the line with voice calls, PhoneValet will suspend voice mail when a fax is coming in and allow the machine to take the call.


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