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2Know 2.0

by 2Know

Creates mnemonic word phrases to help you remember numbers



Many mnemonic systems have been developed to aid in remembering numbers (credit cards, phone numbers, PINs, passwords, etc). The most prominent of these assigns a unique consonant sound to each digit, 0-9. These sounds are then used to form words/phrases that are more easily remembered than the raw numbers they represent. For example the number 70395 translates into “example” which, along with the translation rules, is far easier to remember than the number.

The 2Know software automates the translation of numbers to words/phrases using large English, French, and German phonetic dictionaries. The user simply enters the number to be translated and a list of candidate words is produced. The user then selects a word. If additional digits need to be translated, additional candidate words are presented for selection. This process is continued until the numeric string is completely translated.

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