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RASMaster 1.10

by AcroVista Software

Internet reconnection, IP Notifier, dialUp scheduler, keep-alive in one utility



RASMaster is a complete RAS connection manager for dialup or DSL PPOE Internet accounts. RASMaster combines an Internet reconnection utility, IP notifier, dialup scheduler, and an Internet keep-alive tool into a single utility. RASMaster's keep-alive and reconnection tools are designed to keep your Internet connection active. The keep-alive feature simulates Internet activity to keep your Internet provider from disconnecting you, while the reconnection tool will automatically re-dial your connection if you are disconnected. The IP Notifier allows you to be notified or your website updated if your IP changes. The notifications can be sent through email, email pages, web pages (with FTP upload), and through program/script launching. Finally, RASMaster includes a basic dialup scheduler, which allows for a daily time to dial the Internet connection.

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