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Fax4Word 1.1

by Addins4Office.com

Fax/Mail merge your MS Word Documents automatically with Fax4word



Fax4Word is a powerful Fax/Mail merge software that works as an MS Word addin and equips MS Word with a powerful functionality. Fax4Word uses the powerful Windows Fax and users can send faxes easily through MS Word by specifying the recipient and phone number straight through the document and faxing within a couple of mouse clicks. Fax4Word has a powerful Fax Merge feature which allows users to send personalized faxes to multiple recipients automatically thus making Fax4Word an ideal tool for marketers and professionals that need to send the same fax to many recipients on a frequent basis. The main element in Fax4Word is simplicity since everything is done through a single step process so there is no need for complicated learning curves or complex software. Faxing has never been a faster, easier or more natural process.

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