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AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition 6

by AdventNet Inc.

Rapid prototyping and development Tool for building SNMP, TL1, and CLI Agents


AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition

AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition is a rapid prototyping and development tool to build SNMP (SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP V3) agent, TL1 agent, and CLI agent in ANSI C. It helps network engineers and telecom application developers to create standalone or multi-protocol agents with SNMP, TL1, CLI and HTTP support based on application requirements. AdventNet Agent Toolkit C Edition is a platform independent Java-based toolkit that can be installed in any operating system with JVM support. It offers a comprehensive and complete development environment with agent development tools for agent information-defining editors, Compilers for development and testing tools. Agent development tools such as MIB Editor, TL1 Message Builder, CLI Editor, MIB compiler, TL1 complier, CLI compiler reduce agent development complexity and enhance productivity. AdventNet Agent Toolkit's C-based agents can be ported into any leading embedded system or RTOS such as WindRiver VxWorks, OSE Delta, QNX Neutrino and WinCE. The developed agents have a minimal footprint, high performance, and are scalable with near zero performance overheads on the application or device.

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