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Akeni Live Help 123 - Corporate IM 1.0

by Akeni

Akeni Live Help 123 for Corporate Instant Messaging ,Live help andlive support


Akeni Live Help 123 - Corporate IM

Live Help 123 for Corporate Instant Messaging ( IM ) is a feature rich hosted live help system. Sales and support staff can interact with customers in real time, without the worry of costly long distance phone calls or the delays of antiquated e-mail systems. Visitors just need to click on the "live help" button to chat without having to install any software. Some of our features are: session transcripts for future reference; team based support that allows one operator to call upon another for assistance or to transfer a session to another operator; real time tracking to monitor a visitor's activity on your web site; canned replies for frequently asked questions; etc. For more details please visit our web site: http://www.akeni.com/en/livehelp/livehelp.php

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