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AntiCrack Software Protector Basic 1.09

by AntiCrack Inc

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AntiCrack Software Protector Basic

AntiCrack Software Protector is a dll exe protection and dll exe compression tool.

AntiCrack Software Protector is the system of software protection of applications,designed for quick implementation of application protection functions, especially targeted for software developers.

AntiCrack Software Protector is not only a dll exe protector,but also a dll exe compressor.You can use it to compress and protect your exe dll files step by step.

AntiCrack Software Protector uses public keys encryption algorithms (RSA) to create and verify the registration keys and unlock some RSA key locked code,it has embedded cryptor against dump and unpacker.

AntiCrack Software Protector also has many anti debug tricks.with specialized API system, mutual communication between loader and application is also can be achieved!

AntiCrack Software Protector is designed for such specific tasks as working with registration keys and creation of evaluation and trial application versions.

AntiCrack Software Protector Key Words

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AntiCrack Software Protector Features

RSA 1024 - With RSA keys system,cracker can not write a KeyGen(or KeyMaker) of your production without the RSA private key(the RSA private key only in the author's hand).And your can specify some code to be locked by the RSA keys,so is the cracker have not the proper key.dat on the proper machine,the code protected can not decrypt.

Polymorph - Polymorph decryption routines and several encrypted layers.The code being protected varied every time your protect your application.

Embedded cryptor - You can specify the place in your application to embed the inner cryptor.With the embedded cryptor,your application can not be cracked even

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