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WM Recorder 9.1

by Applian Technologies Inc.

Record Streaming Windows Media Video and Audio with ease. #1 in its class


WM Recorder

WM Recorder is a revolutionary new way to record Windows Media™ video and audio streams. Now you can record: Music Videos, Music, Adult Content, Web Radio, Scientific (i.e. NASA video), News feeds, Corporate Videos, And any other Windows Media™ streaming content!

WM Recorder is extremely easy to use. With just one click, any streamed Windows Media™ video or audio is saved as a recorded file on your PC automatically!

Advanced users will appreciate the ability to record at the highest quality on slow connections, record password protected content, build and record playlists, record multiple streams at once, split and merge files, and more.

The demo version lets you record up to 5 minutes at a time. Try it today!

Download Free Trial | Buy for $29



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