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FaxTools eXPert 8.0

by BVRP Software

Sending a fax is now as simple as sending an email



Never walk to the fax machine or waste costly paper again! Sending a fax is now as simple as sending an email. With FaxTools eXPert you can send and receive your faxes over the Internet or through your modem from the convenience of your desktop. FaxTools eXPert is simple to install, easy to operate, and works with virtually any modem.

· No Fax Machine Required

· Fax from any Windows Application

· Fax Scanned Documents

· Manage email and fax in one interface

· Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

· Import multiple email accounts

· Save up to 40% with Internet Faxing

· Fax Broadcasting

· Fax Forwarding by email or fax machine

· Create custom templates

· Works with any modem

Send a fax from any Microsoft Windows application such as Word or Excel. Manage all your email and fax communication in the same interface, import multiple email accounts and check each account simultaneously. Save up to 40% on long distance faxes by sending them over the Internet. Forward faxes to any email address or fax machine. Schedule faxes to send during off-peak hours to save money. Create professional faxes with the Image and Template editor. Integrates with Microsoft Outlook to prevent opening multiple applications and easy contact list editing.

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