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Bandwidth Monitor


Monitor your WAN and LAN bandwidth and display real-time data transfer rates


Bandwidth Monitor

Bandwidth Monitor tracks all network connections traffic and displays real-time graphical and numerical data transfer rates. It can display multiple connections rates at the same time. Bandwidth Monitor logs all network traffic and supplies all kinds of traffic reports. It also includes traffic events. Bandwidth Monitor works with all types of network connections including phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN, satellite and more.

Top 6 Benefits of Bandwidth Monitor:

1. Easy to monitor your WAN and LAN bandwidth.

2. Views your download and upload rate in real-time.

3. Easy to know all network activities.

4. Views multiple connections traffic.

5. Easy to know how many bytes were downloaded and uploaded in daily, weekly and monthly.

6. Traffic stopwatch to measure bandwidth through the specified adapter in periods of time.

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