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1.0 Ring Tone Maker Factory 1.0

by Bling Software Ltd

Make Ring Tones for your Cell Phone From any CD or MP3 Track - Unlimited Use


1.0 Ring Tone Maker Factory

Tired of paying each time you want a new Ring Tone? Ring Factory allows you to create ring tones from any CD or MP3 you have and also allows you to choose from hundreds of real recording artists. Also choose from the hottest wallpapers online. Make as many changes as often as you want. Ring Factory works on any WAP phone.

Simply pick the favorite part of your favorite song from any mp3 or CD track that you own and you can make it your cell phone's ringer.

Software Features:

* Create Ring Tones from your favorite songs or sounds

* Upload your own wallpapers

* Or choose from the hottest wallpapers online!

* Unlimited use - upload new ring tones and wallpapers as often as you like

Cell Phone Requirements:

Ring Factory is 100% wireless carrier independent and is compatible with all open networks, including Sprint PCS, Cingular, AT&T Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telus and others, supporting more than 100 handsets, the most in the industry.

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