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FlowBreeze 1.0.6

by BreezeTree Software, LLC

FlowBreeze is an Excel add-in that generates flowcharts from your text entries



FlowBreeze flowcharting software lets you create flowcharts by Just Typing Text. Unlike other flowcharting tools, FlowBreeze is a Microsoft Excel add-in that automates the flowchart making process. It works by automatically converting your text into a flowchart shape based on the words you use. The “keywords” for each shape type are fully customizable. FlowBreeze also adds a connector from the previous shape automatically. Useful features include: the ability to paste a list of steps from another document (e.g. Word) and generate a flowchart in one step; a dialog for presetting all shape formats; built-in auto-sizing to maintain a uniform layout while minimizing the overall footprint of the flowchart; and many other time-saving features. By using Excel as the drawing environment, your flowcharts are completely portable, and can be shared or collaborated on with anyone using Microsoft Office.

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