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Address Book  

Adr_Book 5.8d

by Brown Bear Software

Adr_Book is an Address Book PIM Dialer Label Booklet Envelopes and Reports



Adr_Book is an address book PIM program. As well as being a traditional

PIM, Adr_Book is rich with Internet web features. A web server comes

embedded within Adr_Book that allows a web browser to connect and have

access to the data records. This transforms Adr_Book into a true network

product since anyone with a web browser on your Intranet or Internet can

access the data.

Adr_Book is capable of phone dialing. Printing features include labels,

envelopes, booklets and several reports. Labels can include postal

bar-code, zip code ordering and can print in color. Standard

Avery sizes are supported for USA and International. Many envelope sizes

are supported. The fold up address booklet can be printed in many sizes

and in color.

There are many other features like records searching, importing and

exporting of data. All of this is wrapped in a graphically pleasing

very easy to use program.

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