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Advanced MP3 Manager 1.5

by CDI Lab

MP3 audio file manager and playlist organizer


Advanced MP3 Manager

Advanced MP3 Manager is an MP3 audio file manager and playlist organizer.

If you have over 100 MP3 (MPEG-3) audio files, then Advanced MP3 Manager can help by

automatically scanning your hard drive and organizing the files by artist, album and genre.

The programs main features:

Manage your MP3 files on a drive:

- find all MP3 files on a drive or at a given path;

- find MP3 files matching your ID3Tag criteria, both ID3v1Tag and ID3v2Tag are supported;

- AutoScan predefined folder for any new files;

- fast and easy organizing files on a drive, according to specified options;

- mass-renaming files, using predefined formats.

Create and manage your own MP3 collection:

- organize files in collection automatically by artist, album, or by genre;

- very rich and user-friendly drag and drop interface, notably to construct a playlist;

- drag and drop files or folders from Windows Explorer;

- remove dead links in your collection;

- move files or folders, sort files in folders of your collection by title or filename. Undo and Redo last action.

Edit MP3 Tags:

- edit ID3v1Tag and ID3v2Tag both: Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, Comment.

Play or Enqueue your MP3 collection using your favorite player:

- send your selection into the playlist via Enqueue or Play to your favorite MP3 player;

- autodetecting installed MP3 player;

- playlist file managment (M3U, PLS). Add, remove, sort files into the playlist.

Support most popular operating systems:

- runs under Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.

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