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CassaForte 7

by CassaForte

P.o.s. system on standard PC for gastronomy, restaurant & bringing service



CassaForte is THE P.O.S. system also for Your catering trade! Do You still administer simply and comfortably your daily Orders? With a graphic surface and a optional touch screen monitor - or use it by keyboard (use of F-keys, keyboard template). The software is available in 3 variants "light", "standard", "professional", whereby "PRO" contains all following functions: For Your carry out customer: - they call by telephone or do their order directly in Your shop. Also, customers who are already saved in the database, can be converted with the key "AsCarry" into a fetching customer. Name and telephone number are taken over. For your Restaurant : Your waiters use a graphic table overview with Your occupied tables and the usual procedures (open table, add/edit an order item, table change, paying) fast and comfortably to accomplish. A waiter administration and a waiter billing are integrated. In the pizza-delivery you deposit all sizes and their prices with one article number. Additionally there is a choice article (e.g. toppings/suplements on products). They can deposit and have up to 5 sizes still 2 further switches over e.g.. "cheese" doubles or "specially thinly" to deposit. Most inclusive , here in our standard variant you already have an ISDN monitor, cash book and a coworker time registration - without extra costs than other products!A password administration protect You and your personnel before unauthorized accesses and inspections (e.g. financial report).

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