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Access Data Transfer Assistant 2003 3.3

by Custom Business Applications Corporation

Copies data between 2 copies of a database for delivery of newer app to customer


Access Data Transfer Assistant 2003

The Access Data Transfer Assistant 2003 rapidly and easily copies data between two copies of a database, either replacing all the data (from specified tables) in one (Destination) from the other (Source), or updating and optionally appending one from the other. It also provides the ability to rapidly dump all data from all or selected tables. It automatically determines the correct delete and import orders based on the relationships in the Destination database. You can choose to include/exclude any or all tables in the process and cascading deletes are taken into account for excluded tables. The ADTA documents the record counts for each table before and after the process, as well as all table relationships and fields in both the Source and Destination databases. It also documents the table and field differences between the two databases. There are other uses for the application too. The ADTA is also a great way to generate numerous append queries that you can import in bulk into another Access database. The ADTA2003 works with Access 97 and later data files and requires Access 2002 or 2003 to be installed.

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