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by DEK Software International

An advanced, powerful and feature rich Enterprise Knowledge Management system



DEKSI Knowledge Management is an advanced, powerful and feature rich Enterprise Knowledge Management system. It consists of two modules:

Enterprise Knowledge Management and

Knowledge Search (Keyword and Context)

The Knowledge Management module consists of four options:

Knowledge Management Topics.

Post your Ideas,

Bulletin Board,

Learning Experience.

Knowledge management topics:

Any authorized user can create a Knowledge management topic of interest. Organization can benefit from the knowledge of the employees in the process. When an employee leaves the organization, major knowledge is still stored in the system.

Post your Ideas

Any management of any organization welcomes Ideas from employees and stakeholders. Innovative ideas and ideas-on-ideas have sometimes created innovative products in companies like 3com and General Motors. Ideas can be created under any existing knowledge management topic.

Bulletin Board

In any organization employees learn with exchange of information with other employees. Bulletin board helps in asking questions to learn for some employees.

It also helps knowledgeable employees to share their knowledge in answering the questions.

Questions can be asked under any of the existing KM topics.

Learning Experience

Any company works on different projects. A project can be divided into phases. The learning experience option is provided to record the history of different phases with respect to issues, learning, solutions, improvements etc. Any project related documents can also be uploaded during the process. Thus, the knowledge of the employees while executing projects in an organization is stored in a central repository for the benefit of the organization. The benefits from the stored information in learning experience could be in the form of skill appraisal of people, handling similar issues in future projects, selecting the right person for future projects.

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