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Zetafax 2006

by DEK Software International

Fax server software for p.c. networks



This new release of Zetafax helps IT Managers meet increasing Board level demands for IT departments to support compliance-related targets. For instance, all faxes sent and received with Zetafax 2006 can be stored electronically for archive and retrieval. Sensitive and confidential documents can be kept private by faxing directly from PC to PC, and fax audit trails can be maintained.

As well as supporting compliance requirements, Zetafax 2006 also helps IT Managers cope with the growing use of fax as a mass marketing tool. The product now includes a Junk Fax Filter, providing an effective way of dealing with increasing amounts of fax spam.

Zetafax 2006 offers users a radically improved fax-creation interface. It gives users the ability to view their fax on screen as they create it, just as the recipient will see it.

The new, highly intuitive Fax Creation Wizard simplifies the process of preparing a new fax, and adding coversheet notes. The fax can then be previewed in thumbnail and full view before sending.

Users also benefit from a new Zetafax Viewer so they can edit and annotate faxes received via email or via the Zetafax Client, without the need for third party imaging products.

The new Zetafax Viewer features also give users more control so they can:

Forward a fax as either a fax or as an email attachment

Delete pages or rearrange the page order

Export the image as a fax image, bitmap file, or PDF

Add highlights, underlining, free-hand drawing, and free text

Use predefined stamp templates to annotate faxes within text such as date received

A key new management feature is the Junk Message Filter. This allows Network Administrators to automatically delete junk faxes (or fax spam), or to divert them to a specific folder on a system-wide basis. Administrators can choose to delete or 'junk' all future faxes from an identified fax number for a specific Zetafax user or for all users.

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