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Elecard Mobile Converter 1.2

by Elecard Ltd

Elecard Mobile Converter encodes media files for PSP, iPod, mobile phones


Elecard Mobile Converter

Elecard Mobile Converter is a software application designed to encode any media files into MP4 (3GP video) file format used in Sony PlayStation® Portable (Sony PSP®), Apple iPod®, smart phones (Nokia 6101, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7270, Siemens SX1, Sony Ericsson K750, Sony Ericsson W800), communicators, and mobile devices.

Elecard Mobile Converter makes it possible to easily convert video from DV camcoder or hard disk media files to AVC/AAC, MPEG-4/AAC, or MPEG-4/AMR (aka 3GP) encapsulated in MP4 file format. Ideal for podcasting content creation.

Features include: producing media data in MP4 file format; preset Profiles with optimal encoding settings; manual adjustment of parameter settings.

Besides preset Profiles such as MPEG-4/AAC -> MP4, Sony PSP MPEG-4/AAC, Sony PSP AVC/AAC, Apple iPod MPEG-4/AAC, Apple iPod AVC/AAC, and 3GP profiles for mobile/smart phones you can set your own profile.

Do not wait when someone produces content for your Sony PlayStation® Portable (Sony PSP®), iPod or mobile device, do it yourself with Elecard Mobile Converter!

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