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Binding Properties for GtkAda 0.9.1

by Extreme Code Software

Extension of GtkAda GUI toolkit for binding together properties of objects



Extension of the cross-plaform GtkAda (Ada 95 GTK bindings) GUI toolkit for binding together properties of objects, that is synchronizing several properties so that when a property changes, properties bound with it automatically change accordingly. Supports one-directional and mutual bindings, bindings with transformations are supported using Ada generics. This library mostly eliminates the need to write property change notification callbacks manually, so reducing development time. It also automatically prevents infinite loops when properties are bound circularly. This library greatly simplifies and increases reliability of GUI programming, because wrong coding notification callbacks is probably the most common source of errors (infinite loops, unitialized variables etc.) in GUI programming. Don't uselessly spend your time in writing erraneous callbacks using the World best GUI library for rapid and reliable development of applications of any complexity for most of platforms.

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