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ByteWedge 2.0

by Fog Software, Inc.

Acquire data from electronic devices through an RS232 interface



There are many powerful electronic devices that can be connected to a PC

through an RS232 interface. However, they are virtually useless without good

accompanying software which can parse and filter the collected data storing it

in an appropriate form for future analysis.

FogSoft offers you a complete universal data collecting solution called

ByteWedge. ByteWedge supports a wide range of devices, from lab equipment to

office telephone systems. Unlike most competitors who provide only a basic DDE

data exchange and require you to write sophisticated scripts to parse the

input, ByteWedge efficiently integrates with all modern database engines

through an ODBC interface. It can input data directly into your database,

whether it is MS Access, MySQL or any other ODBC-compliant database.

Don't waste your time and money elsewhere! There is no need to hire a

programmer to prepare scripts and filters for you. Now you can create

sophisticated data parsing and filtering solutions in minutes with the help of

the ByteEdge visual step-by-step wizards. Advanced users will find a Perl-like

scripting language to customize each and every aspect of data collecting and


ByteWedge establishes a two-way communication with all devices whenever

possible. This means that in addition to collecting data from a device, you

can also control the device by sending commands back through the RS232

interface. This is extremely useful when full automation is needed.

New! With the Bytewedge "Pro" version, you can tunnel the collected data from

the PC connected to a device to a remote database over TCP/IP networks.

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