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HS XMODEM C Source Library 1.0

by Hillstone Software

HS XMODEM Protocol C Source Library


HS XMODEM C Source Library

HS XMODEM is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) that provides a programmer with the off-the-shelf support for XMODEM protocol data transfer capability. Support for both sender and receiver are provided. Other features include 1024 block size vs 128, CRC vs checksum, configurable timers and retries


When user application initlialises HsXmodem library, it provides interface callbacks for the services used by Xmodem protocol module: timer management, serial transmission and reception, memory management, event callbacks. This architecture makes it easy to port Xmodem protocol module to any environment

Xmodem module handles all protocol information flow, error recovery, acknowledgements, timeouts and so on. When it is appropriate to send next block of data Hs Xmodem will get next memory block from user application. Similarly, when data has been received Hs Xmodem module will get the next block of memory from user application to store data into

As a backup or an alternative to TFTP, Xmodem is often used in embedded devices and appliances for the purpose of software or configuration upgrade or retrieval.


- Xmodem Sender and Receiver

- 128 and 1024 block size

- Checksum and CRC option

- Configurable timers

- Configurable number of retries


You can purchase the library online using credit card payment at:

http://www.hillstone-software.com/hs xmodem_buy.htm

The library currently costs EUR 49.00 for unlimited user license. Once the purchase is made you will receive download link by email to download full product deliverables, which include:

- HS XMODEM library binaries. (Win32 static library)

- HS XMODEM library full source code in C with MS Visual C project workspace

- HS XMODEM Demo Application binaries, full source code and MS Visual C project workspace.

- HS XMODEM library user manual, which documents in detail complete library API.

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