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Active Power Manager 1.0

by Hive Studios

With APM Lite you can set power options and forget about it


Active Power Manager

APM Lite is small and free application, intended for home use. What differs it from other similar applications is ease of use. In matter of seconds you can set the options (time, power state, etc…) and forget about it. It supports several power states that can be triggered with several different timers. You can use these power states to:

-Shutdown your computer

-Restart your computer

-Log Off currently logged user

-Suspend your system

-Disconnect any dial-up connection

-Hibernate (put to sleep) your computer

-Lock Workstation it defines itself ;)

Power states without time in which they are activated means little. So we provide you with various time options (timers):

-Wait for timer – this timer will wait for specified amount of time

-Wait until timer – this one will wait for exact hour/minute/second system time

-Wait for process timer – if you need to wait for some lengthy process to finish – use this one

-Idle timer – when you fell asleep in front of the computer this timer will put blanket on your computer and sing a lullaby to it

One of APM’s advantages is command line activation. All options named can be set using command line arguments. Look in help for exact syntax, or just start program with –h option. Deployment process is easy – unpack the zip archive wherever you want, or just run installer and choose appropriate location for program.

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