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Easy Mail Plus 2.2

by Home Plan Software

Address database, Envelopes/labels, bulk email, integrated fax, mail merge


Easy Mail Plus

Type your message, and then just a few mouse clicks can fax it, print it, email it, prepare an envelope and print a label.

Best of all, leave your printer settings alone! For mailing, just stick an envelope where the paper goes and let Easy Mail Plus handle the rest. Or put a sheet of labels in the printer and print on the labels you need right now. Use the rest of the label sheet another time.

Built-in importing uses easy drag-and-drop technology to make it a snap to create aAddress Files from your existing data files.


Use our predefined envelopes and labels (metric and US) or configure your own.

Use one of our logos, or any BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF, ICO image.

Drag and drop addresses, logos, barcodes, etc.

Put post office barcodes on envelopes and labels

Print to the entire list, one at a time, or to selected addresses


Print just one label or a few labels per sheet

Print a full sheet of the same or different addresses

Drag and drop text and graphics positioning on envelopes and labels

Print pre-defined labels for diskettes, cassettes, video, name tags, etc.

Full size or mini sheets supported


Full featured word processing editor.

Set Margins, tabs, borders, tables, insert graphics

Insert mail merge fields in your documents or email messages

Write a note or a letter; then print or fax it

Email your documents to one or the entire address list

Fax to our integrated fax driver, or to your own external fax software


Select addresses, return addresses, graphic logos instantly

Look up addresses in the address book or the powerful database

Filter the address database for any field or combination of fields

Quick Filter to quickly find all addresses that match one field

Sort by any field by clicking on the column header

Find and delete duplicate addresses

Tag addresses for printing or other uses

Print predefined Address Reports or design your own.

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