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Folder Express 2.1

by Huang He

Access your favorite folders in two clicks or a single key press from anywhere


Folder Express

Folder Express helps you instantly jump to your frequently used folders in:

- Windows Explorer

- Folder windows

- Browse Folder dialog

- Open/Save File dialog

Right click your favorite folder and add it to Folder Express. Folder Express will show your favorite folders in a menu. Click a menu item and you are brought to the folder. You need not move through all the drives and folders and sub-folders to go where you want any more.

You can easily open Folder Express menu that contains your favorite folders in several ways with mouse or keyboard:

- Integrate Folder Express into shell context menu

- Press a hot key

- Right click window buttons (maximize, minimize, help or close button)

- Right click Folder Express tray icon

Folder Express provides a lot of features including:

- Fully configurable for almost every feature

- Assign a hot key to your favorite folder and change to the folder with a single key press

- Organize your menu into a layered structure using categories

- Add separators to organize your Folder Express menu

- Expand sub-folders recursively according to your choice

- Use mnemonic keys to activate a menu item with a single key press

- Add shortcuts to documents, programs and web addresses besides folders

- Use your own icons

- Customize menu background

- Automatically list recently accessed folders

- Automatically list recently used files

- Open your favorite document or recently used document directly in Open File Dialog

- Filter file types in Open/Save File Dialog

- Map folder to a drive

- Edit shortcuts in places bar that resides at the left side of Open/Save File Dialog

- Customize "Send To" menu in shell context menu easily

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