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Advanced Business Card Maker 3.0

by Indentsoft Software Solutions

Design and print full color professional quality business cards with ease


Advanced Business Card Maker

Indentsoft Advanced Business Card Maker is a professional quality business card designing and printing software. Create stunning business cards with professional graphics and backgrounds and customize your card printing in many ways. Great features include - 1)Create 1-sided or 2-sided, horizontal or vertical cards. 2)Add color-blends, textures and transparency to your text and logos. 3)Rotate text, shapes and images. 4)Use supplied templates and backgrounds. 5)Save your card as a high resolution image or PDF file for printing outside. This application is good for excellent business card creation. This feature-rich program offers cut-copy-paste, undo-redo ability and more. You can save your design as an image with bmp, jpg, gif, png format or as an Adobe pdf file and take to your local printshop for professional printing. You can use this program to print personal visiting cards, store cards etc. Version 3.0 includes the ability to save as a high quality pdf file.

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