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LAN Voice Chat 1.0 - Cheap phone inside your networked computers
LanDial 1.03 - Divert calls before DUN, control DUN over LAN
LanFlow Net Diagrammer 5.05 - User friendly network diagramming tool
Language Reader 1.0 - Read text, document with multilingual voices.
Language Teacher 1.0 - Practice your speech and listening skills.
LanMsg 1.01 - Control DUN over LAN (with LanDial)
LanTalk XP 2.93 - Instant messaging software for office network
Lap Timer 2000 6.0 - Try this free slot car lap counter and timer
Lazy Mail 1.0 - Gives programmers outgoing email capability
LBE Contact Tidy Up for MS Outlook 3.0 - Tidy up Contact names, hide Fax numbers
LBE Desktop Helpdesk 4.0.152 - Easy to use helpdesk softwa - sensibly priced
LBE Web Helpdesk 4.0.104 - Helpdesk software operated from a web browser
Learn Chinese 6.0 - Chinese language study Program
Lectra 32 Deutsch TTS 4.00.0001 - German reading trainer with voice synthesis
Lectramini Ger 3.01.0007 - German reading trainer with voice synthesis
LimeWire Download Manager 4.10 - The free must have LimeWire add-on!
Limnor Codeless Programming System 3.3 - generic-purpose codeless programming system
Lingobit Localizer 4.5 - Powerful software localization tool.
Link Exchange Manager 1.26 - Manage & check your reciprocal links page
Link Manager 2.0 - Manages Internet addresses.
Link Web Extractor 2.5 - Extracts E-mails, Phones, Fax and more.
Linkman - URL Manager and Webpage monitor
Linktausch pro 1.1.4 - Link Exchange Software
Linren Sound Recorder 2.10 - Record any sound that your sound card plays.
Liv Tyler 1.0 - Liv Tyler screen saver
Liv Tyler Sex-E Screensaver 1.0 - Free sexy pics of Liv in revealing outfits
Live Theater 1.21 - Streaming video server. 94% internet audience
LiveSupportAP 5.11 - Free tool to talk to web page visitor
LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1.2. - Finally, the installer you were waiting for
Login King Password Manager 2005 - Login King protects your Online Privacy &
LogIt 2.0 - Keep track of your contacts!
London Directory Screensaver 1.2 - London Business Directory
Long Distance Calculator 1.0 - Compare long distance prices instantly
Loop Recorder Pro 2.05 - Loop Recorder Pro archives audio 24h/7days.
Lord Of The Rings Movie Screen Saver 1.0 - Lord Of The Rings Movie Screen Saver
Lord of the Runway Parody 1.0 - Lord of the Rings parody screensaver.
Loveline Video Personals 4.1.3 - Superior quality Audio/Video chat messenger
Loveline Video Personals 4.1.4 - Superior quality Audio/Video chat messenger
LP Recorder 8.0.1 - Record vinyl LPs to digital WAV files
LP Ripper 8.0.1 - Split vinyl LP WAV recordings into tracks
LSFindReplaceDialogW 1.0.0 - Unicode Find/Replace dialog for Delphi


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