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Program Selector Pro 2000/XP 4.9

by Leithauser Research

Provides password protected access control for your Win 2000/XP computer


Program Selector Pro 2000/XP

Program Selector Pro 2000/XP is a computer security program that provides access control and usage management. When installed, it replaces the standard Windows 2000/XP user interface (task bar, Start button, and icons) with a convenient user configurable list box of program names. The person who installs Program Selector Pro decides which programs to include in the list box, giving this person complete control over which programs can be run on that computer. In addition, each program on the list can be password protected, and a password can also be assigned to access Windows itself. A supervisor level password is required to add programs to (or remove programs from) the program list box. An administrative level password is required to restore the original Windows interface. This provides the person who installs Program Selector Pro with the ability to completely control the use of a Windows NT/2000/XP computer. This program is most useful in a business setting, where the supervisor needs the ability to control who can do what on each company computer. It can also be useful in a family setting, however, to give parents control of the computer to block children from using certain programs.

Virus protection and a program uninstall feature are also provided by Program Selector Pro.

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