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LimeWire Download Manager 4.10

by LimeWire Download Manager

An essential and free add-on for LimeWire


LimeWire Download Manager

LimeWire Download Manager is the essential add-on for people who use LimeWire to download files such as MP3 Music! The features include detection of fake or corrupt music downloads, file management functions for organizing your files (such as for burning to CD/DVD or moving them to another computer) and a File List Generator to create a searchable database of your files so you can always track all your files or even share the list with friends as a reference. The file database can be sorted by file name, size or date and can be saved in different formats such as Text, HTML or XML. This software is also compatible with other file sharing applications (such as Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, iMesh, eDonkey, Morpheus, BitTorrent and WinMX) and any folder on your computer. LimeWire Download Manager allows you to keep a clean and organized download collection and optimize your computers performance.

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