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Magitime 6

by Magistone Systems

Magitime is use to monitor online time, expense, bandwidth and data transfer



Magitime is useful online monitoring tool provides expense and data transfer tracking capabilities. It provides each and every statistic and information about Online Internet connections; especially having PPP and SLIP standards. You can enable Magitime to keep account of your online expense with adding different customizable conditions that tested worldwide. It includes additional utilities that enable you to track network based connectivities like DSL, broadband, NIC, satellite, fiber optics etc. It is also providing 7 additional time utilities like Scheduler, World Time, Moon Phase, Chronograph, Shutdown Timer, Time Synchronizer, Alarms etc. More utilities added like Online Timer, Bookmark, Connection etc. improves your online work with much better way. Magitime generates interactive Daily, Monthly or Periodic Reports that can easily open, customize and print by using any type of Word Processor."

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