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Tank Combat  

Easy Tank COMMBAT 1.0

by Michael L. Clayton

2 player tank battles using two separate computers linked through a network



Easy Tank COMMBAT is an adaption of the COMBAT cartridge that was part of the original ATARI® VCS. Like the original, it allows 2 player battles with both opponents using the same computer console. In addition 5 levels of AI provide ready opponents. Two player battles using two separate computers linked through a network connection is also supported. This guest version of Easy Tank COMMBAT contains the full simulation. The only limitation is the inability to host a networked session. For networked battles this guest version can only connect to a session hosted by the regular version.

FEATURES INCLUDE: One or two player tank battles console or networked: INTERNET, LAN, SERIAL or DIRECT DIALED MODEM - chat - AI - radar - lasers - variable barriers - selectable viewpoints - saved replays - integrated help - performance tracking - 2D planes

Minimum System Requirements:

366 MHz CPU - 32 MB system RAM - DirectX compatible graphics card with 16 MB RAM or more & hardware 3D acceleration - DirectX compatible sound card - 4x speed CD-Rom drive - Windows® 98 - DirectX 8.1 - Joystick required for 2 player console battles

Please freely pass out the guest program to your associates. The guest program does not need to be installed, and is not protected in any way. The guest program contains the full simulation, the only limitation is the guest version can only connect to a session hosted by the fully networked version.

If you already have multiple computers in your home which are not networked, know that all of your systems have a serial port. A 10-foot DB-25 serial cable to connect two of them is about $5. If you and your opponent both have telephone service and dial-up modems, then you don't even need the internet to make a remote connection. With Easy Tank COMMBAT you can have a blast over a LAN, the internet, a serial cable or telephone modem connection, and you'll always have the greatest choice of opponents.

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