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Cartagio Pro

by Missiontrek Ltd. Co.

Cartagio is the ultimate business tool for collecting and managing web research


Cartagio Pro

Cartagio... the next generation browsing tool for serious power Internet users… the ultimate application for internet research, collaboration and knowledge management...

Imagine a typical scenario - You are surfing the web, shopping, comparing prices, gathering sales leads or trying to find out what your competitors are up to. Instead of surfing free-style and ending up who-knows-where, you define your mission, effortlessly throw aside the distracting features of the web (saving them for later access if you wish), and concentrate on the task at hand. All the while, everywhere you go is organized in association with your goal, you sign post along the way for later access by yourself or those who'll follow in your footsteps. Cartagio helps you focus, organize and record your thoughts, and share your conclusions with others. Use it to record your experiences and the discoveries made as you travel through the web, saving a trail for others to follow.

With Cartagio,

· Your navigation trail is saved with your project,

· Add detailed comments as you bookmark useful web sites,

· Sites are automatically rated according to your own keywords,

· drag and drop web page snippets into Snippets folders e.g. news items, prices, web forms, contact information (they might otherwise be gone next time you visit!)...

· Create educational tours for use by others.

In addition, with Cartagio Pro or Enterprise:

· Access your projects from anywhere,

· Team with your colleagues and clients on work projects,

· Collaborate in real-time on project content and documents,

· Add documents, correspondence, images, sound files etc. to your projects,

· Record team research time for client billing/statistics reports,

· Author marketable PBB knowledge projects,

· Encrypt sensitive material

· Interruptions? No problem - resume where you left off!

Cartagio - Transforming Research into Knowledge.

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