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My Call Register 8

by Multicast Media Pty Limited

Deal with people who seem to have lost all records of you contacting them


My Call Register

Use My Call Register to track and record your phone calls.

My Call Register is especially useful when dealing with people who seem to have lost all records of you contacting them. How many times do you write a note and lose it, or forget when you made the call?

It’s easy to add and view a variety of data about calls you make. You can record your calls, print and e-mail records, save records in Excel or export records in other standard file formats including HTML tables, and XML files. You can also use your computer’s phone dialer to make and record voice calls.

Key Features:

Adding/Deleting/Modifying Calls

Finding Calls

Sorted Printing Reports

Modifying List Data

Recording/Playback of Phone Calls

Phone Dialer

Sorting by: Category, Priority, Status, Resolution, Date, etc.

Changing User Names and Passwords

Excel © Format Export and Emailing

Emailing your calls.

Limited Free Technical Support

Built on the Multi-Award Winning FileMaker © Database

Works with:

Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Server

Mac OS/8/9/X

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