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VRS Telephone Call Recorder 4.07

by NCH Swift Sound Software

Multi-Channel Telephone Call (and other) Line Recorder


VRS Telephone Call Recorder

The VRS is a multiple channel voice recording application. Typical applications include telephone line recording (call recording), radio station logging, radio communication recording, control room recording and other specialized applications.

General Features:

~ Records up to 32 audio channels simultaneously. More channels can be recorded using multiple computer racks.

~ Automatic start and stop using volume threshold or hardware connection.

~ Signal processing to improve voice intelligibility and automatic level control.

~ Advanced audio compression to reduce file size. With the maximum compression setting, the VRS can record 2 years of 24 hour-a-day audio on a 32GB hard drive!

~ Find and play recordings ordered by date or channel.

~ Save recordings as wave files.

Special Features (Telephone Line Recording Mode)

~ Records 1- 32 telephone lines simultaneously.

~ Logs dialled number (DTMF) for searching.

~ Find and play recordings ordered by date, line or DTMF number dialled.

~ Listen to telephone calls as they are being recorded using the RemoteListen tool.

Special Features (Radio Station Logger Mode):

~ Continuous Recording 24 hours a day.

~ Breaks recordings into easily managable hour-long files.

~ High compression settings to reduce hard drive requirements.

~ RemoteListen feature to hear conversations as they are being recorded.

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