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eMEETplus C1000 1.0

by Neotechsoft Co., Ltd.

eMEETplus C1000 is the ultimate Enterprise videoconferencing solution


eMEETplus C1000

The world is changing so rapidly- and so we are. The traditional videoconferencing solutions have changed its phase in recent years to meet the requirement of the new world. Corporate world has long started to appreciate the social and financial benefits of replacing business travel with corporate video conferencing using the existing IP infrastructure. Meet, exchange, collaborate and do more right from the comfort of your desktop with a single tool. The eMEETplus is the right tool for your every video conferencing needs. Perfect for e-learning, online communities, desktop conferencing, customer support centers, web-based calls and more, eMEETplus brings the creative solution at an affordable price to ensure your growth and profitability. Whether you are meeting with customers or using web meetings for internal business process anywhere in your organization, eMEETplus delivers a robust solution of seamless collaborative application that dramatically increases business effectiveness.

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