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Remote Modem Control 4.57

by NeroSoft

Analyze all client's traffic. Support http/https/ftp proxy/port-mapping & ot


Remote Modem Control

- Control remote modem and VPN over TCP/IP connection

- Traffic accounting for each client of the local net

- Http, ftp, https-proxy, port-mapping support

- Black list of clients and limit proxy traffic support

- Chat and file transfer support

- Synchronization of system time on a client PC and server PC over Internet

- Blocking of connection by a client or by the server

- Encrypting of data transfered between the server and the clients

- Accounting of Internet expenses by the time and/or traffic

- Reports about each client and connection during the choosen time interval

- Detailed Events Log of clients' operations and connections

- Encrypting of Provider's password according to GOST (Key - 256 bit)

- Encryption key may be saved on diskettes, on PGP and other protection disks

- Using personal Provider login and password by the client (VIP-connection)

- Protection of access to the Server Module by a password

- RAS (Remote Access Service) dialer main function support

- Checking of the WinRoute mail

- Dial on demand and scheduler support

- Representig of the real client's traffic transfer in each Clients' module

- Starting the program with parametrs after connection/disconnection

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