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Wireless-DS for gsm modem 2.0

by Net Sphaera S.n.c.

ActiveX that sends/receives SMS via GSM. It handles voice and data calls


Wireless-DS for gsm modem

Wireless Dev Studio is an ActiveX DLL that allows you to fully handle GSM, GPRS, HSCSD and UMTS modems.

Easily integrable into any application written in whichever language that supports ActiveX technology (Visual Basic, Visual C++, .NET, Borland Delphi, Power Builder, etc..), Wireless Dev Studio was designed mainly to provide developers with a tool capable of sending and receiving SMS messages with optimal performance.

Developers, using an easy-to-use interface that exports methods and events, can integrate the following features in their application:

Reception and forwarding of text messages.

Reception and forwarding of flash messages.

Multiple forwarding of SMS messages (the same message is forwarded to N addressees at the same time).

Reception and forwarding of UCS2 messages (to support also asian languages).

Status reports (delivery reports) handling.

Reception and forwarding of binary messages (logos, melodies, EMS, WAP indications).

Voice call handling (both incoming and outgoing).

GSM Data calls handling.

Handling of phonebooks of both SIM and terminal.

Call diverting

Enabling/disabling and changing of PIN

Wireless Dev Studio supports the main modems of the most important producer companies (Siemens, SonyEricsson, Wavecom, Falcom, Audiotel, Telit...) and all modems compliant with ETSI and 3GPP standards. It supports serial connections , IrCOMM, IrDA, USB and Bluetooth and allows to communicate with the modems both in PDU mode and in Text Mode.

Application fields: batch sending of SMS messages, bilateral communication systems, pull services, SMS surveys, SMS contests, alert services, industrial automation, remote control, vehicle tracking, call center, chat service, remote monitoring, logistics and fleet management, vending machines, metering, security, automotive.

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