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Ortus Shell Dialogs 1.5

by Ortus

Get access to the Microsoft® Windows® shell dialogs from within your application



Get access to the Microsoft® Windows® shell dialogs & wizards from within your applications using this component package!

Ortus Shell Dialogs is a component package for the Borland® developer community containing 12 shell dialog & wizard 'wrapper' components. A context sensitive component help file is included.

- Use the TOrtusShellControlPanel to display the control panel or one of the control panel aplets.

- Use the TOrtusShellAbout, TOrtusShellOpenWith, TOrtusShellNewShortcut, TOrtusShellBrowseComputer, TOrtusShellBrowseFolder, TOrtusShellRun, TOrtusShellExitWindows, TOrtusShellDiskFull, TOrtusShellFormatDisk, TOrtusShellProperties and TOrtusShellOrganizeFavorites to launch the corresponding shell dialog.

This personal edition has no limitations but you may NOT use it for any commercial or business purpose.

If you want to create royalty free commercial applications with this software you will have to purchase a commercial license.

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