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phulmonty 1.1.3

by PHULmonty

Integrates Order entry, Inventory control, sales mgmt, call center, receivables



PHULmonty integrates the following functions to aid in business operations, and CRM:

Order Entry

Account and payment on account management

Order invoices and Account Statements

A real time online Sales Monitor (see sales totals changes as they occur)

Sales reports, by product, customer, and sales representatives

Call Center with issue management and reporting

Product Inventory management

System Administration functions

These functions are implemented using an "open" RDBMS as a data repository giving

the user direct access to the data and database "views" to aid in data analysis,

business, and customer relationship management. The intent of the system as

implemented is to be used by smaller organizations, which have a small number of users.

PHULmonty uses MSAccess for data storage, and view management. Most, if not all of

the "business rules" are implemented as database views (queries), thus allowing a

large amount of system flexibility without application level programming changes. This

is an open and extensible system, with plans to implement purchasing, time and billing,

and other functions. This approach provides the advantages of an open relational

database system with CRM functionality, without the relatively high cost of an Enterprise

level system. Although by up scaling to a more enterprise oriented ODBC compliant

RDBMS, it can be used by larger organizations. Up scaling using other RDBMs can be

accomplished with relatively little effort, and is currently planned, for other implementations.

The demonstration version allows all the implemented functions to be used, and is only limited to the time you may use the program, after the demonstration period you must obtain a full license.

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