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Connect and Shar 1.02

by PPP Infotech Ltd

Control, monitor modem and Internet connection from any remote computer


Connect and Shar

Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or any proxy server to share one Internet connection, modem across your local area network ? Now you can control your Internet connection and modem from any machine. Connect, Disconnect and monitor your modem and Internet connection remotely from any pc and share Internet easily. A client and server application that allows you to remotely dial up a connection on another computer on your local network. This is useful when your internet gateway is on another computer, and you want to control its Internet connection remotely. Connect and Shar works with any type of Internet connection be it standard Dialup, USB modem DSL, Cable and satellite connections. Client software must be downloaded seperately that alerts all users in the network in MSN-IM-style pop-up animation, whenever the Internet connection is online or offline. In addition to pop-up window notification, runs in the Windows system tray and indicates the status of Internet connection. Enables you to monitor and control the modem and Internet connection status from any or all of the remote computers.

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