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JM Pager 2.20

by QUIT-UP Ltd

Remote administrration of client computers in a network & messaging tool


JM Pager

JM Pager is a special corporate "pager" for work in TCP/IP networks on Windows ® platforms (95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003).

Primary aims - remote administration of client computers in a network & messaging tool for users.



Message sending. Here we have WinPopup clone.

File sending.

Simple reminder.

The administrator has next rights:

See screenshot of any user's computer.

Get folder structures of user's computers.

Copy files from and to user's computers.

Run programs remotely and documents with associated programs.

List current processes on remote computers.

Kill process in remote systems.

Get remote system information.

Run command-line programs with or without output redirected to the administrator screen.

Shutdown remote computer / Restart remote computer.

Get computer's database (information about all remote computer's hardware, software).

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