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Speaker Verification DLL 2.0

by Research Lab Inc

Create in minutes a Voice Biometrics Package. Supports Client-Server Programming



Create in minutes a voice biometric package. Identify your program users by voice. Speaker Verification DLL is a good solution for computer software programmers looking for measures in biometric security. Also with only 1.2 MB of redistribution, it features a attractive download deployment for all your important programming projects. Retail Version allows two algorithm hybrid result match in percentage. Server-side MTS DLL also available. Now start your machine with only your voice print. ONLY YOU ...... can start your computer. ONLY YOU CAN START: DELETE: HIDE: DENY-ACCESS TO YOUR FILES/ PROGRAMS. YOU CAN PREVENT TAMPERING OF LOG REPORTS. YOU CAN CHECK AUTHENTICITY OF YOUR ONLINE MEMBERS.

Allows Speaker Dependent Recognition (isolated words).Allows Speaker Independent Recognition (isolated words) for Commands.

Add Unlimited Users in Training.

Direct Database Iterative-XML Algorithms allows you to recognize a single-user from thousands in milliseconds.

Compact and Easy Training Modules.

Only 2 MB Download and Redistribution. 

Works for all languages and any Voice. 

6 Client Server Samples Free.Samples in Desktop Application Security, Winlogon GINA STUB, Windows Hooking for Advanced Utilization. 

Server-side Voice Recording Applet using RTP or JAVA and ASP.NetTelephony Modem Voice Recording

VOIP Conversation Recording Sample

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