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SMS Reception Center 1.52

by SW4ME.Com Programmers Group

Sort, process, forward, filter incoming SMS messages automatically


SMS Reception Center

With this program you can easily set up SMS to e-mail gateway, SMS chat, conference, newsgroup and any other messaging service. You can make your SQL database accessible remotely with SMS commands.

It works with many cell phones and GSM modems. Outgoing messages may also be send with the clickatell.com HTTP gateway.

If you combine SMS Reception Center with other software, you can use it to do a lot of funny things. SmsRc and Winamp make SMS-controllable jukebox, SmsRc + Resource kit + some other utilities make a powerful tool for remote administration and server monitoring. You'll most likely discover another fields where the program is useful, as a lot of our customers already have done so.

The shareware (evaluation) version is fully functional, so you may test all the features that you need. The only limitation is imposed on the number of incoming SMS messages per one service session (the counter is reset when you restart the service).

Thus if you don't need to handle a lot of SMS messages, you can continue to use the program for FREE, enjoying its full power and flexibility.

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