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Do Not Call List Solution Safe Caller 1.3

by Safe Caller

SafeCaller.com - FTC Do Not Call List | Registry Software Solutions



Safe Caller does the entire job quickly and effectively; eliminates scrubbing your database every time the Do Not

Call List is updated saving you a lot of time; avoids the database corruption. Purchase of third parties software is not

necessary. It will help you avoid being fined $11,000 per occurrence.

SafeCaller is easy to set up, learn, and use.

Just click on the area code or move your mouse over the phone number you want to check and it gets verified


A second option to verify the existence of a phone number in the Do Not Call List is to type in the software's text

box the phone number and click the check button.

It integrates smoothly with key business applications to simplify your management of client and customer


Your protection is important to us!

Even though the Federal Trade Commission and the National Do Not Call Registry update the phone numbers list at

a larger period of time, to ensure the quality of our services we will update and maintain the "Do Not Call" list for you

every two days!

Fines are applied only for calls made to numbers that are present in the DNC registry for more than 31 days. We

cannot be held responsible for any calls made that were not in compliance with the DNC regulations. Visit

http://www.safecaller.com for more information.

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