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Icon Remover 1.2

by SafelyRemove.com

Utility designed for removing annoying Safely remove hardware icon


Icon Remover

Some new USB devices such as ADSL cable modems, SATA HDD drives, ZIP Drives, External CDROMs are hotplug devices. A hotplug device means that you can remove this device any time without switching off the computer. If you want to remove this device, click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray (a small green arrow near the clock). It is possible that you never unplug this device. So how do you get rid of the icon?

Try Icon Remover! Just click the "Remove the Safely remove hardware Icon" button. That’s all! Now you can restart or turn off your computer easily – the annoying icon will not emerge anymore. If you want to get the icon back, just click the "Show the Safely remove hardware Icon" button.

Important note: unlike other programs of such kind, Icon Remover removes the icon automatically even after you restart or turn off the computer.

Icon Remover offers you the following features:

- Removing the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon completely

- Getting the icon back at any moment

- Command line support - "/removeicon" and "/showicon" commands

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