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EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board 2.0.0

by Savance

EIOBoard is a communication center with status and contact information


EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board

EIOBoard is an Electronic In Out Board that allows a company's or organization’s users to view their associate's status information and much more. EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board replaces the old fashioned, magnetic slider in out boards commonly used in organizations where accurate status information must be maintained.

EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board Features

• Accessible locally and remotely via computer or mobile device

• Web-based version will run on any operating system

• Kiosk version to check in/out on your way through the door

• Integrated instant messaging

• Outlook integration

- Calendar Synchronization

- Contact Synchronization

- Button Add-in within Outlook to EIOBoard App

- Folder Link within Outlook to EIOBoard Web

• Fully customizable

• Multiple views

• User-defined friends list

• Quick search by name or extension

• Quick search by company/customer to find representatives that service that account

• Contact information with portraits

• Organization specific locations and groups/departments

• Built-in note/memo and phone message tool - ability to copy to e-mail and mark private

• Customizable color-coded Statuses (In, Out & Unavailable)

• Calendar and time controls

• One-click status updates

• Future statuses - automatically change your status in the future

• Individual status history on demand

• Configurable Security

- Username and Password login required

- Admin, Receptionist, Group Manager, Timecard Manager, and Customer Manager Security Groups

• Status, Time Tracking, and Usage Reports

• Phone List Generator

• Time and attendance

- Kiosk to support and facilitate accurate status and punch in/punch outs

- Time card management

- QuickBooks Payroll export support

- Biometric integration (Fingerprint, HandPunch)

- HID and Magnetic Strip Card Readers

• Built-in, immediate-response help center

• Live technical support

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