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MorphVOX - Voice Changer 2.8.2

by Screaming Bee LLC

Pure Voice Changing Fun - Change the way you play games and chat online


MorphVOX - Voice Changer

MorphVOX is voice changing software for online games. It will change your voice to match your personality. You can sound like a spryly wood nymph, a bad tempered dwarf or a Sith Lord. MorphVOX even allows you to create your own unique voices, along with providing many free downloadable voice changing packs.

MorphVOX can add fun to online communication. Gamers, you have spent many hours grooming your online character to look a certain way, why not change your voice to match! IM voice chatters, change your voice to disguise your age, gender or identity. Change your voice with the available themed voices or create your own. Additional voice changing packs, sound effects, and skins can be easily added.

MorphVOX is optimized for online games, but is also great for prank calling friends via instant messaging and VoIP. This voice changer can even send out belches and drum rolls with a push of a key, mouse or joystick button.

New features include Voice Content Creation Module: create new voice content from existing stock audio or single voice talent. Perfect for adding voice-overs to online games and animations. New effects: gapper, tremulo, and breathy. Improved audio engine.


High-quality voice changing technology

Learns from your voice

Integrates easily with online games and chat programs

Low bandwidth and CPU usage

10-band equalizer

A variety of voice changing packs available

Beautiful themed skins

Built-in High-impact sound effects

Add your own sound library

Full key, mouse and joystick support for gamers

Quick Effects let you play any sound with a single button

Customizable Alarms

After effects for enhanced voice changing

Advanced vocal tract effects

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