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Doctor Scheduling  

Assign Daily Calls to Doctors for One Year with Excel 3.3

by Shift Schedules

Excel spreadsheet for assigning up to 5 daily calls to 30 doctors for one year


Assign Daily Calls to Doctors for One Year with Excel

The Doctors Call Scheduler Excel spreadsheet schedules doctor's daily calls for a full year. It was developed with the assistance of a doctor responsible for scheduling 30 doctors to 5 calls per day for an anesthesiology clinic. You simply specify the doctor's names and the number of doctors that need to be on call each day of the week. You then proceed to assign first call, second call, etc. until sufficient calls have been assigned each day of the year. The program displays statistics regarding the number of each type call that has been assigned to each doctor so you know at a glance who is due for a specific call assignment. The program allows you to keep track of doctors with special qualifications and alerts you if you have not scheduled one of the "special" doctors to be on call each day. The spreadsheet produces individual schedules and monthly calendars, creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar and comes in sizes for 5 calls & 30 doctors and 10 calls & 60 doctors. Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet program is required. During the free trial period restrictions apply with respect to schedule start dates and the number of schedules displayed.

Spreadsheets for other scheduling applications are available at the website.

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