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StudioFiles 3.0

by StudioFiles

Recording and home studios management software



StudioFiles is a management software for home and recording studios with innovative approach to studio resources management. With its original built in controls and unique design, StudioFiles allows smooth and intuitive interaction with users. The application covers all management aspects required for professional recording studios. It allows detailed projects listing include dedicated categories for songs, mix files, lyrics, tracks, sessions and budget calculations. In the studio diary (Booking) section you can build working plans for each studio room. The 'Gear & Stock' section allows you to track studio equipment and stock items status. StudioFiles includes reports section with wizard and automatic reports generator allows to create and print various report types for clients and for internal use. The Invoices section includes wizard engine that allows quick search through unpaid activities. The prices for all invoice items as well as invoice totals is calculated automatically. StudioFiles includes media library to centralize and track all kinds of media resources and detailed contacts section with various categories and associations

StudioFiles offers versatile range of features that all together complete comprehensive and organized view of your studio.

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